History of the club

Broadwas croquet club was formed in 1998, on the iniative of our founder John Barber, as an associated section of Broadwas Sports Association, which is the body that encourages and oversees sport facilities in the village. It owns the land where we play and all the facilities, including our clubhouse. All croquet club members are also members of the Sports Association and have a voice in the running of both the association and the croquet club.

The club has grown from small beginnings, with just one lawn and a handful of members, to a club with 5 full size lawns and a membership of 60. We have a self help ethos and much of the work developing the club has been undertaken by our members. In the early years of the club our excellent club house was built by members and has proved to be a great success.

Our club is a very friendly place to meet and play croquet and we have a good mix of people, some who are very competitive and others who enjoy the social side of playing, although many of them are rather more competitive than they like us to believe. The majority of our members learned to play croquet at Broadwas and it is a great credit to the club that we have a goodly number of very good players of both Association and Golf Croquet. Over the years the club has had great success in many competitions.

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