Committee Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes from the most recent full committee meeting

Broadwas Croquet Club Committee meeting held on 22nd October 2019 at pavilion

Present:- Janet Bedford, John Evans, John Guy, Eileen Holt, Ian Lambert, Roy Schofield, Stuart Smith.

Apologies:- Jeremy Pardoe, John Steel

Action by
1 Previous minutes (dated 24th September 2019) accepted
2 A coaching course ‘GC to AC in a Day’ has been created and has run twice successfully. To be repeated in spring 2020. For players who already play AC, try to get Robbie Dodds to run a one day ‘AC Improvers’ course. (this carried forward from previous minutes) J.Guy

3 Jeff Faulkner’s GC coaching course has started very successfully. However, the closure of lawns due to wet weather has meant this has had to be curtailed. Jeff Faulkner to ask attendees if they want £10 refunded or are happy to carry forward to whenever coaching can be run (probably next spring).

4 Obtain some form of easel to stand outside door on Tuesday afternoon with important messages. (carried forward from previous minutes) J.Steel
5 Some tidying of cricketers changing room still required. Maybe also repaint. (carried forward from last minutes). S.Smith
6 A ‘social’ boules evening to be organised using the pitches/rinks/courts (whatever they are called) at Lower Broadheath to establish if sufficient interest for us to pursue. (carry forward from previous minutes). This may become a ‘challenge’ combined croquet/boules session involving representatives from Lower Broadheath. To be reassessed next spring. J.Bedford/ J.Steel
7 Annual lunch is on 19th November at Royal Oak – 12:00 for 12:30. Cost £13.50 per head – note there may be a limit on numbers so we need to keep track. Specific things left to do:- Organise table layout Email all members indicating there are a few places left – final date for payment November 5th. Chase raffle/auction prizes (including where to leave them) and organise helpers for the day. Establish colour of tickets used by Royal Oak to ensure they do not clash with raffle tickets. Ask Jennifer Whittaker if she will present prizes.

J.Bedford J.Guy
8 Investigate whether any local villagers would be prepared to do mowing at a much reduced cost. (carried forward from previous meeting). J.Bedford
9 The work on lawns 3 and 4 (including reseeding) has been done and these lawns are now out of commission until spring. Weedkilling on other lawns has been delayed due to bad weather and will now be done next spring.

Trees – there are currently a few problems:- Both the ash tree in the hedge where cars park and the oak tree in the far corner have low overhanging branches which may cause problems. Arrange to get the low branches cut down. The tree which overhangs the pavilion has low branches which are in danger of damaging the roof. Chris Croft has already agreed to speak to the farmer who owns the tree to see what can be done. (all carried forward from previous meeting)

11 There is a possibility that some grant money may be available – John Steel is investigating. We are awaiting a decision which should be made sometime in November. J.Steel
12 Papers about SWF AGM have been received. Actions required are:- Inform SWF that we will not be attending AGM Complete and return entry form for appropriate leagues. Inform SWAN editor of change of captain for our High Handicap GC team. New proposed rules contain statement that ‘Players must ensure that their handicap shown on CA website is correct’. Inform SWF that this needs to be modified as players are not obliged to have their data (including handicap) on CA website.
J.Guy J.Guy J.Guy
13 There was concern expressed that not all visitors were paying fees and were also not ‘signing in’. Comments had also been heard that ‘Visitors don’t have to pay for Funday Friday’. We will re-formalise visitor arrangements for next spring and get confirmed at AGM. C/F to next meeting
14 November 26th is set as the date for discussions on the future of the club and how to get more people involved in the running of the club. This will be the ONLY item on the agenda for this date. ALL committee members should Email Janet with their ideas to allow Janet create agenda. All committee members to respond. It was also agreed that we should invite Nick Reed and Jim Norris to this meeting to see if we could get some fresh ideas.

15 John Steel suggested a once a month ‘breakfast club’ to run in the winter months when croquet lawns are shut (carry forward from last meeting). J.Steel
16 Stuart Smith has been trying to contact Worcester University to generate interest in croquet. Not much positive response so far but will keep trying. S.Smith
17 Winter shutdown will not be done yet (the day after the meeting one of the mowing teams cut the lawns allowing the lawns to be reopened).
18 Website. Jeremy Pardoe had sent an Email in which he stepped down from maintaining and updating the website. No additions to the website had been made since May. Additionally, the committee felt the website was somewhat dated and could be improved to show the croquet club in a better light (e.g. more welcoming pictures; more up to date information). Although this will be an ongoing project there were 2 immediate actions:- Investigate the CA ‘standard website’ to see if we could easily use this. Email members to see if any have experience of looking after a website.

19 Members of the committee were asked to remember to acknowledge any information or correspondences from our members. All
20 After some discussion, it was agreed to change from having internal competition finals on several Tuesdays to having a ‘Finals Day’ on one specific Tuesday. For 2020 this would be on September 8th with a reserve date of September 15th should bad weather intervene. This would obviously require several lawns for finals and these would be unavailable for normal play on this date. It was specified that, should a finalist not be able to play on this date, they would be allowed to organise their final with their opponent on another date to suit them. The aim would be to make this an ‘event’ with, perhaps, drinks and a buffet for spectators. Arrangements to be finalised next year. In the interim there are 2 actions:- Announce this at Annual Lunch Ensure 2020 fixture list and internal competitions schedule updated

Carry forward S.Smith J.Pardoe
21 There was some discussion about the waterlogged state of the lawns with the general impression that this was getting worse. It was suggested that deep spiking and brushing in of lawn sand could be of benefit but no decision was taken. To be carried forward
22 Next meeting will be on Tuesday 26th November 2019 at 10:30 in pavilion – This is the special meeting where only agenda item will be ‘Where we are going as a club and how to achieve this’. This meeting to include some invited members. At the end of this meeting we will organise date for next ‘normal’ committee meeting.