On 26th August 2021 the Broadwas Level play Golf Croquet team assembled for the final match in the league this season. The opposition were Church Stretton who were an unknown quantity as this was their first season in this league. As such, Broadwas put out a very strong team of Stuart Smith, Roger Wood, Billy Nicholson and John Guy (captain).

As the day progressed it became apparent that the Broadwas strength was too much for the newcomers, and Broadwas won all the matches to win the day by 18 – 0.

This meant that Broadwas had gone through the season unbeaten, their only blemish on a potential 100% record being a draw at Kenilworth. However, Kenilworth won the league as they managed to obtain one more bonus point than Broadwas.

Time to put away the mallets for another year!!!

John Guy 29/8/21


On 19th August 2021 24 members gathered to contest the annual doubles competition at Broadwas, competing for the John Barber Trophy. The trophy is named in honour of John Barber who was a founder member of the croquet club and did huge amounts of work over the following 20 years helping to lift the club from a small village gathering to a club that won national trophies.

The entrants had been drawn into pairs a month before the event, but now were divided into 2 blocks of 6 by random draw. Each block would be ‘all play all’ with the winners of each block competing in the final.

In the ‘Red block’ two teams (Thelma Hyland/Jackie Guy and John Guy/Chris Croft) both managed to win 4 games out of 5. Thelma and Jackie came out on top as they had beaten John and Chris 7 – 6 in their ‘head to head’ due to some good play and excellent use of their extra turns (and a promise of no marital discord).

The ‘Black block’ was very keenly contested. 4 teams (Barry Kirby/John Lane; Peter Hill/Nick Reed; Fran Wall/Chloe Ballard and Janet Bedford/Gill Richardson) all won 3 games out of 5. After much calculation the Kirby/Lane combination were awarded top spot on net hoop difference.

So the final was Thelma and Jackie v Barry and John. The ladies stormed into a 5 – 0 lead but the boys hit back to score several hoops but, at hoop 10, Thelma scored with her blue ball to give the ladies the trophy by 7 – 3.

The winning shot
Janet Barber presented the trophy to the winning pair.

Huge congratulations to Thelma and Jackie but also well done to Barry and John Lane in silver medal position.

A good day was had by all present and several of the entrants had competed in their first ever event. May they, and everyone else present, play in many more.

John Guy 21/8/21


On 10th August the Broadwas team of John Guy, Roger Wood, Janet Bedford and Gill Brooks welcomed Eardisley to the Broadwas club to play the final match in the West Midlands Association Croquet League. These two teams were both undefeated in the league to date, so the winners would be crowned league champions for 2021.

The day did not start well for Broadwas. Some strong play from two of the Eardisley team (Jen Johnston and Di Weaver) together with good use of bisques meant that Roger was defeated 9 – 12 and Janet went down 11 – 19. In the doubles John and Gill managed to overcome the Eardisley pairing of Tony Johnston and Brian Shorney 16 – 12.

So Broadwas behind by 2 games to 1 lunch. A stronger afternoons session was definitely needed.

In the afternoon John kept Tony out of the game and ‘pegged out’ for a 26 – 2 win in just over 2 hours, bringing the scores level at 2 games each.

At this point the game between Janet and Di was very close at 10 – 10 but some forceful play from Janet saw her storm ahead in the next 45 minutes to take the game 26 – 11 so for the first time in the day Broadwas were in front by 3 games to 2.

Now all down to Roger and Gill. Roger was well behind in his match with Brian but Gill was 6 hoops up on Jen. Gill scored another point and with her final turn Jen could only score one to leave Gill the victor by 16 – 10 and take the game, the match and the league title.

Meanwhile Roger was making a fantastic recovery with some big breaks to edge past Brian 16 – 14 in the final few minutes.

So a storming comeback by Broadwas to win all 4 afternoon games, to run out victors by 5 games to 2 and to take the West Midlands Association League title for the second time.

Congratulations to the whole team including Stuart Smith and Ian Dampney who played in earlier fixtures.

We are the champions!!!!!

John Guy 11/8/21


On Friday 6th August 2021, the Broadwas team of Ian Dampney, Stuart Smith, Jim Dryden and John Guy set off to travel to Eardisley to play in the West Midlands Level Play Golf Croquet League. In order to keep their slim hopes of the league title alive, the team needed a big win – at least 12 games out of the 18 available needed to be won to earn bonus points to keep the pressure on the league leaders Kenilworth.

Broadwas roared out of the blocks, and after the first 2 rounds of singles had burst into a 7 – 1 lead. Broadwas kept up the pressure and continued to ease ahead, finally winning the day by 14 games to 4 and earning a bonus point for a ‘big win’ as well as another bonus point for winning away from home.

Broadwas remain undefeated but behind Kenilworth in the league as Kenilworth have collected more bonus points. The final game of the season is on August 26th, when Broadwas will need another big win to keep up the pressure on the leaders.

Special mention should go to Ian Dampney who won all of his games during the day, and also to Jim Dryden who acquitted himself well on his debut.

John Guy 8/6/21

B and C Level Play tournaments at Broadwas

In the last week of July, the club held two national GC Level Play tournaments.
The B Level for players of handicaps 3 and above was keenly contested by 16 players from as far afield as Cumbria, Leicester, Northampton, Somerset and Henley on Thames with Rod Ellis, Howard Freeman, Peter Hill, Barry Kirby and Fran Wall flying the flag for Broadwas.
The top two in each of the 4 morning blocks contested the quarter finals in the afternoon including our own Fran, Peter and Barry. Fran won his quarter final comfortably against Peter to make it through to the semi-final where he came up against the experienced Rick Lilley (4 handicap) from Phyllis Court. After a strong start from Rick, Fran rallied and took him all the way before succumbing at the 13th hoop. Leicester’s Alison Murray (5 handicap) triumphed 7-4 against Glynis Davies (3 handicap) of Northampton in the other semi- final.  The only trouble that Alison encountered in the final was a violent squall which meant that play had to be interrupted for ten minutes during her 7-1 victory over Rick Lilley.  Her win takes her to the National B Level Final in Eastbourne in September. In the Plate competition, Mark Buckley (3 handicap), also from Leicester, defeated Howard Freeman (7 handicap) in the final.
The following day, saw the C Level competition for players of 7 handicap and above. This was a far more parochial affair with three players from Broadwas – Jean Faulkner, Howard Freeman and Peter Hill and three from local club Beckford, joined by Sandra Cornes from Crake Valley in Cumbria and ex Broadwas member, John Edwards.  Peter and Howard reached the semi-finals but were both defeated by 7 handicappers, Robert (Bob) Honey of Beckford and Sandra Cornes.  The final between Bob and Sandra was a repeat of an earlier block match which Sandra had won 7-6 but this time Bob got the better of her 7-5. Bob now qualifies for the National C Level Final which is being held at Ryde in mid-September. He will be joined by Howard Freeman who has already qualified by dint of winning the C Level competition at Camerton and Peasdown earlier in the year.
The staging of the tournaments, involving some 15 Broadwas members, made a profit of about £250 for our club.  It is hoped to repeat them again next year.
Jeff Faulkner, who managed both tournaments, was delighted to receive very positive feedback from a number of the competitors from other clubs about the facilities, welcome and playing surfaces at Broadwas including this lovely poem from Andy Brister of Beckford.

Croquet At Broadwas.

Andy Brister (Goldfinch60) – July 2021.

I arrive at the club,
Broadwas was the place,
A place I had never been
Looking forward to the day
The day where croquet leads the way.
I look across the lawns
Seeing the beauty of the finely cut grass.
I look around and see the wonder,
The wonder of the green hills
Surrounding the lawns.
The glory of Nature all around,
It will be a marvellous day.

At the end of the competition
I look back on the day with delight,
Winning more than I lost
On these elegant lawns,
That were wonderful on which to play.
Looking back though
The matches were so good
But that was not important,
It was the glory of the day,
A day of competition,
Of meeting new people
As we chatted with humour,
Humour, kindness and respect.
I left the club feeling so well
The day I had was wonderful,
And will one day
Go back and enjoy it again.


On 24th July the Broadwas team of John Guy, Stuart Smith and Gill Brooks set off for Kenilworth to play a match in the West Midlands Association Croquet League. Unusually, Kenilworth had requested that the match was not played in the usual ‘whites’ as some advertising photography was taking place and brighter colours were preferred.. However, Broadwas had to take lots of rainwear to allow for the predicted heavy rainfall.
On arrival Broadwas discovered that the Kenilworth team included Pete Trimmer with a handicap of -2 (yes that is minus 2). Pete is an ex British Men’s Champion and in the past was ranked 3rd in the world!!!

The morning session saw Stuart having to play Pete. Pete started by scoring 13 points with his first turn (11 hoops with first ball plus 2 peels). Stuart battled hard but the Kenilworth man came through 26 – 12. In a tight game John overcame the Kenilworth number 2 by 20 -16 on time and Gill held her nerve to win a very, very tight game by 10 – 9.

So 2 games to 1 to Broadwas at lunch.

In the afternoon John drew the short straw and had to play Pete. Everything started well and John was leading 10 – 9 having used half of his 8 bisques. Pete then hit in and scored his remaining 17 points in one turn. This included 12 points with his second ball; a triple peel of his first ball and pegging out both balls. An incredible performance to take the game 26 – 10 and put the overall match score to 2 – 2.

Now all down to Stuart and Gill. With 5 minutes remaining Stuart was one hoop down but with his next turn managed to score 2 hoops and scatter the balls to all 4 corners to ease through 19 – 18. All eyes turned to Gill who was near the end of her match and 3 hoops ahead. A good piece of play allowed Gill to score 2 more hoops then leave a difficult position for her opponent who was unable to score, leaving Gill the winner by 16 – 11.

So 4 – 2 to Broadwas but the bonus point for scoring most hoops went to Kenilworth, leaving Broadwas the winners by 4 – 3.

A tremendous days play. Despite the triple peel from Pete Trimmer (the first ever in a match Broadwas have been involved in) the Broadwas team won the day. Particular congratulations to Gill who won both her matches.

And it didn’t rain!!!!!

John Guy 25/7/21

2021 GC Federation Shield

Way back in history (2019) Broadwas qualified for the 2020 GC Federations Shield by winning the West Midlands Level Play league. The 2020 Shield was postponed till this year because of the impact of Covid.
Our long awaited first match was played away against Long Eaton, winners of the 2019 East Midlands league, on 5th July. The Federation Shield knock out matches are played under handicap rules, a format that Long Eaton are not accustomed to.
Chris Jackson (2) and Stephanie White (7) played very well in the doubles beating Stuart Smith (0) and Fran Wall (5) by 7-6 and 7-5. However both the morning singles went to Broadwas with Howard Freeman (8) beating John Skuse (8) 7-5, 7-2 and late call-up (due to a Covid ping) Barry Kirby (6) overcoming Carol Warren (10) by 7-3, 5-7, 7-6. So the match stood at 2-1 to Broadwas at lunch.
In the afternoon singles Stuart won 7-6, 7-3 against Chris, Fran and Stephanie left it unfinished at 7-6, 3-7, Barry lost to Joan 3-7, 7-3, 5-7 but Howard continued his winning streak 7-6, 7-5 against Carol.
With new friendships made, compliments all round, thanks to the hosts and a rain-free day it was home in time for tea! Next stop – Sussex County !
Stuart Smith

South West Federation AC League

Broadwas returned to the beautiful Cheltenham lawns on the 29th June for a first AC game in almost 18 months. The team rather scratched around in the morning, however, Roger Wood clawed a win +5 on time. Cheltenham comfortably took the doubles and the other single.

Lunch brought new impetus to the Broadwas team and Stuart Smith won 26-20 with a burst of 10 hoops in a turn, Roger won 16-8, Janet Bedford finished with her very last turn after the bell to win 26-14 and the only casualty was Ian Dampney who went down 14-26 to Julia Lowery who played very well all day. Result Broadwas 4 Cheltenham 3

Stuart Smith


In the first Association Croquet match played for 21 months, the Broadwas AC team took on Church Stretton on the 25th June 2021 at Broadwas. Church Stretton were the reigning champions having won the league the last time it was contested in 2019.

In the morning session the doubles pairing of Roger Wood and John Guy played very well in seeing off their opponents 26 – 4 in two hours. Both singles matches went to time, with Ian Dampney successful by 22 – 13 whilst Janet Bedford lost a very tight match to the Church Stretton captain by 21 – 23.

So 2 games to 1 to Broadwas at lunch.

In the afternoon singles Ian Dampney stormed through to win 26 – 4 whilst John Guy eventually managed to triumph 26 – 19. This brought the score to 4 – 1 in Broadwas’s favour so a win was secured. With under 5 minutes left on the clock Janet Bedford went down 20 – 26 but, when time was called, Roger Wood had won a tight game 17 – 13.

So, overall, Broadwas won by 5 games to 2.

Congratulations to all the team in beating the reigning champions!!!

John Guy 26/6/21


Following the incredible draw at Kenilworth on 28th May, the Broadwas Level play Golf Croquet team took on Himley on the 10th June 2021. This time the match was held at Broadwas.

The team of Jeff Faulkner, Billy Nicholson, Stuart Smith and John Guy was slightly changed from the previous match – an example of squad rotation to keep the players fresh!!

Broadwas won all 4 of the first round of singles matches and retained a healthy lead throughout the day, finally winning by 14 games to 4. This not only gave them 3 league points for a win but also a bonus point for winning by 6 or more games.

Congratulations to the whole team but special mention to Billy Nicholson and John Guy both of whom won all their matches during the day.

John Guy 12/6/21