Broadwas Team’s New Captain Celebrates Inaugural Win

The Broadwas GC Handicap Team at Swindon over the weekend. From left, Eileen Holt, Howard Freeman, Jim Dryden, Billy Cooke and Fran Wall

In his first match as captain of the Broadwas GC Handicap League team, Billy Cooke helped bring about an impressive win when our side visited Swindon Croquet Club on Saturday.

Playing in the South West Federation Golf Croquet Handicap League game, Broadwas scored an impressive 12.5 games to Swindon’s 7.5.

Billy said “The hosts took an early lead – winning both doubles but strong performances in the singles late morning and into the afternoon, put us into an unassailable lead.”

Fran Wall in action at Swindon

In his first two singles games of the day, Billy led the charge by winning both of his games 7-5 each.

Jim Dryden and Eileen Holt then turned round the team’s fortunes in the doubles when they beat Swindon’s Terry Clements and Colin Brain in a tight, match which eventually ended 7-6.

Eileen Holt carefully lines up during the Swindon clash

Billy Cooke and Fran Wall continued the Broadwas fight back, winning their singles games 7-5 and 7-3, respectively. Fran had travelled all the way from Pembrokeshire early Saturday morning in order to play in the match.

There then followed a flurry of wins in the singles for Broadwas players, with Fran Wall and Jim Dryden both winning their games 7-2 and Howard Freeman and Billy also  both winning their tight afternoon singles games, 7-6.

Howard in action with secondary balls, over the weekend.

When Eileen’s game against Dave Booth timed out and resulted in a 6-6 draw, Fran and Jim both got into their stride and won their respective final singles games 7-5.

Players trek to the Swindond lawns

This was a great win for the team in their first match of the season. Well done to all and in particular, the squad’s novice captain.  

Paul Felton