No Picnics, But It Was Still A Great Day

If you went up to the lawns today

You were sure of a big surprise

If you went up to the lawns today

Be sure that I’m telling no lies

For Alan Stevens (the one with the hat)

Hit one GREAT stroke but I couldn’t see that

Because Barry Kirby walked right in front of me just as I clicked my shutt-er

Alan swore that it was a MAGNIFICENT shot, but we’ll never know!

Other Things Happened, Other Than Alan’s Shot…

In other news, Jimbo Norris told a great joke about snowmen and carrots. You need to interrupt his game precisely at the crucial moment, just to get him to tell you it.

Tuesday’s roll-up appeared to be the biggest of the season so far. Thanks to Barry for carrying on with the organisation and tea-making etc.

And Finally...

Note that by standing in the correct position recommended by the World Croquet Federation, Barry doesn’t obscure the crucial photographer’s line of sight