Ground Status

Never has a sign been so apt

The picture above says it all really.  The opening of the 2024 season looks to be a little while off yet, after what feels like continual, relentless rain.

As Club Captain John Guy said in an email to members on Good Friday  “It looks like it will be some time before play may be possible.”

A plan by Lawn Supremo* Jon Carrington  to carry out the first cut of the lawns had to be abandoned a couple of weeks ago because of torrential rain.  Jon told the Broadwas Croquet Club Committee this week that carrying out the first cut while the ground is still soft would cause the lawns a great deal of damage through the creation of troughs caused by the wheels of the  heavy tractor normally used to carry out the first preparatory cut. Jon regularly inspects the lawns and will commence work as soon as he feels the lawns won’t suffer any damage from the first lawn preparation.

I visited the club this morning and all the lawns had pools of water on them. The squelch of soggy ground in the outfield as I walked represented something like that emitted from the globular alien in the Steve McQueen movie The Blob – either that or the noises I make when I’m hungrily downing a Croft Cake on a rollup Friday afternoon. Fingers crossed for a dry spell. Please note – you can always check on the state of the lawns by clicking on the ‘Ground Status’ link on the opening page of the website.

*I don’t know what to call him – he doesn’t know his title either!

Life Saving Equipment Installed

When you next visit the club, you won’t miss the club’s newest equipment arrival. After a long period of hard work carried out by Club President John Steel to raise funds for the medical device, the club now sports an essential piece of life-saving equipment in the form of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The AED has recently been wired in and is now operational.

AED’s  are  lightweight, portable devices which deliver an electric shock through the chest to the heart when it detects an abnormal rhythm and changes the rhythm back to normal. AEDs help people who have a sudden cardiac arrest, which occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating regularly. This happens when the heart’s natural electrical system doesn’t work correctly. If not treated within minutes, cardiac arrest can quickly lead to death.

The AED has been mounted on the external walls so that it can also be accessed by Broadwas villagers and anyone in need. More details on John’s efforts will be published in the next few days.

Royal Recognition For Club Member

Jennifer pictured during the Veteran’s trophy competition in 2023

And congratulations to club member Jennifer Whittaker.  Jennifer received Maundy Money from Queen Camilla at Worcester Cathedral on Maundy Thursday.

Jennifer was among forty people from across Worcestershire and Dudley to receive the ‘Maundy Money’ from the Queen in recognition of their exemplary Christian service to their church and community over many years.

Jennifer received the Maundy Money (newly minted coins) in recognition of her  many years of faithful service in parish ministry and her ‘passionate commitment to the pastoral care of the elderly, the bereaved and the vulnerable.’

The special service at Worcester Cathedral was the first one held since 1980.

Paul Felton