And They’re In – The Blocks Statistics For 2023

Whilst club members are off competing in national tournaments or representing Broadwas in team games, many epic golf croquet battles are played out at Stoney Ley virtually every day of the season, without a fanfare.

Club coach and organiser of the annual blocks competition, Jeff Faulkner, has just released statistics for the 2023 blocks competition, and they make for very interesting reading.

The annual blocks competition first began in 2020 – the year of the pandemic – and the new tournament attracted 29 competitors, who played in 176 matches in all.

The following year, 31 players competed in 243 matches. Last year (2022), numbers dropped  when only 24 players fought in 169 matches in all.

This year, the competition attracted 32 players, who played a total of 168 matches, despite there being only five blocks compared to the six competed in during 2022 and 2021.

And the player who topped the table of net games won was, perhaps unsurprisingly, Stuart Smith, who left the rest of the field standing with an impressive 25 net games won to his name.

Runner-up was the clearance-shot whizz David Harington, with an impressive 8 game wins tally to his name, closely followed by Jean Faulkner with 7 wins during the season.

Jim Dryden, John Guy, Peter Hill and Roger Wood all tied on 5 net wins each, with Jon Carrington, Billy Cooke and Tony Evans all tied on 4 wins each. 

Handicaps went both up and down during the competition, with each player gaining or losing varying numbers on their index cards depending on the handicap of their opponents.

The ‘Most Improved Player By Index Change’ was newcomer Billy Cooke, who joined the club well after the 2023 season started.

Billy gained an incredible 185 index points during the season, with Jean Faulkner runner-up with a gain of 85 points.

Vivien Ellis, who started the season with a high handicap gained a splendid 72 point increase in her index, followed by David Harington (68), Jeff Faulkner (58) and Keith Parsons (49).

As mentioned previously on these pages, the blocks competition is a great way of improving your game and learning from other members.  Watch out for Jeff’s invitation to join the competition before the 2024 season starts next year.

Jeff will shortly post the results on club noticeboard.