Fantastic End To The Season For The Broadwas Golf Croquet Team

Broadwas Croquet Club has finished the external tournament season in style by winning the West Midlands Federation’s Golf Croquet Team Tournament, The Robertshaw Cup.

Played at Stoney Ley on a gloriously sunny day, the tournament was fought between the top four clubs competing in the West Midlands Golf Croquet league in 2022. The final had to be postponed from May, due to the exceptionally wet weather at the start of the season.

Played by three player teams, Broadwas entertained the visitors from Himley, Eardisley and Kenilworth.  The Broadwas team was comprised of captain Stuart Smith, Fran Wall and Jon Carrington. The tournament was organised by Club Captain John Guy.

In the first round of the tournament, Broadwas beat Kenilworth by four games to two and in the second round beat Himley narrowly by the number of hoops scored in the game after a 3-3 draw. Broadwas scored 23 points against Himley’s 19. In the third round, Broadwas beat Eardisley 5-1.

Runners-up to Broadwas with four tournament points were  Himley, followed by Eardisley, who narrowly pipped  Kenilworth to third place.

Shoulder to shoulder (nice try Fran), Fran Wall, Jon Carrington and Stuart Smith.
Stuart, Fran, Jon and organiser of the tournament John Guy are pictured with players from Eardisley, Himley and Kenilworth.
Stuart Smith hoops a glorious jump shot during the afternoon’s play.
Jon Carrington helped Fran’s ball through the hoop in the doubles game against Eardisley
Fran Wall hoops during an afternoon doubles match partnering Stuart Smith
“Just here would be good.” Jon Carrington advises on the best position for Stuart Smith’s next shot.
Fran scored a magnificent in-off hoop during the baking afternoon’s play.
Stuart and Fran take a breath during the best-of-nine matches.
They may look casual here, but their heads were battling with tactics. Jon and Stuart
Stuart receives the Robertshaw Cup from organiser John Guy
Hang on Fran! Jon CAN have his cake and eat it!