Annual GC Veteran’s Trophy 2023

The club held another highly enjoyable annual competition when the over-80’s took to the Stoney Ley lawns for the Annual Veteran’s Trophy. Two blocks of our most experienced players fought all day in glorious sunshine to finally whittle down the field for a climactic final between holder of the trophy, Eileen Holt and Gerry Stevens. The tournament was organised by Janet Bedford and Josie Watson and was eventually won by Eileen, for the second year running. Gill Brooks pipped John Steel for third place, behind runner-up Gerry.

Eileen Holt jumps a hoop during the final against Gerry Stevens
Eileen Holt and Gerry Stevens, Veteran’s Trophy finalists
Gerry’s emphatic hoop, during the final against Eileen.
Gill Brooks hoops during her match against John Steel
Peter Lawrence gets his ball into the jaws
The final was…TENSE
Alan Stevens hoops his blue
A determined clearance by Chris Croft
Patrick Linton in action
Janet Barber hoops during her match against Chris Croft
John Steel’s determined clearance against Alan Stevens
Jennifer hops yellow