On Wednesday 26th July 2023, the Broadwas team of Stuart Smith, Roger Wood, Jon Carrington and John Guy welcomed Himley to the Broadwas lawns for their final game of the season in the West Midlands Level Play Golf Croquet League. Although neither team was in a position to win the league, a competitive match was still anticipated as whoever won the match would finish second in the league.

Jon Carrington was making his debut in this league, and it was good to see Roger Wood playing again after knee surgery. Roger had come into the team as replacement for Billy Nicholson who had to drop out at the eleventh hour due to Covid.

The format in this league is that all players play singles games against all four opponents, and this is followed by a round of doubles resulting in 18 games in total.

Broadwas roared out of the blocks, and after the first 2 rounds of singles had burst into a 7 – 1 lead. Himley had trouble getting used to the Broadwas lawns, and could only win another 2 games, leaving Broadwas 15 – 3 winners at the end of play.

All the games were played at an excellent pace, meaning all the matches were completed by about 2:15, which was great news for all involved as the rain started almost immediately afterwards.

Well done to all the team all of whom contributed to this win – Stuart Smith won all his matches but particular mention of Jon Carrington who also won all his matches on his debut, which meant his handicap reduced to 2. Well done Jon!!!

John Guy