Give Croquet A Try At Broadwas. You Don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing!

It was only last year that I picked up a croquet stick for the first time ever.
Now, if you have never been within a hundred miles of a croquet hoop but were astute enough to immediately spot my use of an incorrect term to describe a croquet racquet, then you are
EXACTLY the sort of person we are seeking to welcome to Broadwas Croquet Club in the forthcoming season.
Even if you weren’t aware that croquet players generally call their most treasured possessions ‘mallets,’ but are keen to find out why they do, then you are warmly invited to join us for a fun learning experience this summer, at the club’s gorgeous Stoney Lea headquarters.

Until last summer, I had never laid my eyes on a proper mallet, let alone swung one around my head like the God of Thunder. (Don’t worry, you’ll be instructed in the ‘Thor Technique’ before you take part in tournament matches). But one day in June 2022, my wife and I attended an open afternoon at the club. From that very first introductory afternoon hosted by Fun Day Friday Organiser Chris Croft, we were both totally hooked on golf croquet.
From the moment we arrived at the club, we felt completely at home and our slight trepidation at the thoughts of completely embarrassing ourselves due to our ineptitude was totally dispelled by the warmth of our welcome and helpful tips from Chris and other club members and senior players.
What perhaps struck us most about the club most was how friendly and sociable the club’s members and organisers are, always willing and happy to help out if we were unsure of what shot to play next.
The club also has a number of social events during the year and in the winter close season a breakfast club helps members keep in touch and seeks to slightly shorten the agonising wait for the start of the season.
Though there is a lot we still need to learn with regard to tactics and perfecting our ‘jump’ and ‘stop’ shots, within an hour of arriving on that first afternoon, we had assimilated the basic rules of golf croquet and were up and running and able to participate in a game. As we were both newly retired and suffering the minor aches and pains that people of our age are occasionally prone to, we were slightly anxious that our physical fitness might not be up to the job, but we needn’t have worried. Both of us feel positively invigorated after our afternoons on the club’s five lawns. The Friday afternoon tea and cake also helps! As the club chairman Stuart Smith told BBC’s Midlands Today a few years ago, croquet “Doesn’t need strength, it doesn’t need superhuman muscles or speed, it’s all about finesse.”
But if you’re at all anxious about not being ‘good enough’ to play, forget all that. Croquet at Broadwas is as competitive or relaxing as you want it to be. Many members are content to just turn up on the Roll-up afternoons held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm, whilst others involve themselves in the club’s internal ladder competition and external tournaments.
The atmosphere at Broadwas Croquet Club is extremely relaxed. If playing croquet in a tranquil setting amongst lovely people appeals to you, then why not give us a ring.

Chairman Stuart Smith can be contacted on 01886 853311, Club Captain John Guy can be contacted on 01905 748192, or you can speak to Fun Croquet Organiser Chris Croft on 01886 821664.

Paul Felton