On 9th June the Broadwas team of John Guy (handicap 5), Roger Wood (7), Ian Dampney (8) and Gill Brooks (20) continued their defence of the West Midlands Association Croquet League title by entertaining Shrewsbury at Broadwas.

Shrewsbury brought a very strong team of Robbie Dodds (-0.5; yes that’s right minus a half), Sean Sheridan (0), Alan Ridley (3) and Barbara Edwards (10). This did mean that Broadwas had bisques in all the games played.

In the morning session Ian Dampney made full use of his bisques to storm past Sean 26 – 8 in a little over 2 hours. The other games were cagey affairs, but despite Robbie having a 10 hoop break Roger managed to keep ahead of him to ease home 18 – 16. In the doubles John and Gill managed to keep their noses in front of Alan and Barbara to get home 16 – 13 when time was called.

So lunch was taken with Broadwas 3 – 0 in the lead.

The afternoon session involved 4 games of singles and play was stopped once or twice for some heavy showers. Luckily these were all very brief and play could continue quickly. John stormed ahead of Robbie but got stuck on 22 points once his bisques had been taken, leaving Robbie to eat into his lead. Eventually John managed to hit in and run the remaining hoops to triumph 26 – 17 with 40 minutes remaining. Within a few minutes Roger pegged out to beat Sean 26 – 8 so by now Broadwas had an unassailable lead.

The other two games were very close and both went to time. When the buzzer sounded Ian was 1 point ahead of Andy but Andy was in the middle of a turn which, by the rules, he was allowed to complete. He scored 3 points in this turn and Ian was unable to reply so Shrewsbury got their first win by 21 – 19.

The remaining game was even tighter. When time was called on the game between Gill and Barbara and after a lot of calculation and rechecking it was agreed that the score was 15 – 15. As draws are not allowed the match had to continue until another point was scored. Barbara managed this ‘Golden Hoop’ to give Shrewsbury another win by 16 – 15.

An excellent win for Broadwas by 5 games to 2 against some good opponents giving Broadwas the 3 league points.

John Guy 10/6/22