Spring Update

As we move into February there are a few signs of Spring coming which began to turn our thoughts and hopes towards the coming croquet season.

It’s still too early to say when the club might be able to restart play but we will be wanting to do some pre-season ground work beforehand. John Steel has begun to recruit volunteers for the work and already has some names on his list. With all the recent rain and snow the ground is completely saturated so it will be some time before work can begin. John did manage to get the hedge cutting completed before the deluge.

Of course Covid 19 will have an impact on any club activity but it does seem likely that we could have the same rules as we ended 2020 season with.

In the hope that external matches will be possible we will set up our league fixtures in the South-West and West Midlands federations with the same teams that we normally operate – SWF GC handicap, GC High handicap and AC Federation, WM AC and GC level. Any fixtures will depend on decisions made by the two federations.

We hope to be able to have an AGM at some point but again it is too early to say if it will be possible. A virtual AGM might be possible but not all members would be able to attend and it could be rather unwieldy.
Stuart Smith (Chairman) John Guy (Secretary)