Lawns Management Update 21st June 2020

The combination of a very wet winter and Covid 19 limiting our ability to mow during the dry spring had left our lawns needing some serious attention.
So the elite player group, the Broadwas City Rollers, set about rolling all five lawns on the morning of Saturday 20th.  Barry, Chris and John (Steel) with 243 years between them, flitted agilely between markers and hoops whilst Snr. Engineer, Howard Freeman expertly drove one of his old motorized rollers over the lawns.
Subsequent mallet-on-ball testing proved it to be a worthwhile exercise with good all-round lawn improvement, all greatly helped by the welcome rain over the previous 48 hours.   More rain is forecast tonight so with any luck, after a good trim on Monday morning, the lawns should be in much better shape for next week. 
Whether the BC Rollers will be making a second appearance (gig in modern parlance!) will depend on sustained energy levels, weather conditions and lawn quality, in that order!!   Many thanks to the BCR who worked very well as a team, all from a safe distance, possibly with more regard to Howards driving than the dreaded virus.