Club Status as of 7th May 2020

Broadwas club has been affected like all other sports by the Covid-19 restrictions. This item is a round up of the current position of the club.

None of the club facilities are in use but we do have a local contractor keeping the grass cut to a manageable level. That will enable us to get the lawns open as quickly as possible when restrictions allow. We have had a tree surgeon remove the overhanging branches of the oak tree behind the pavilion. Those branches were a threat to the integrity of the pavilion roof. The door of the ladies toilet has been adjusted to open properly after the ravages of the wet winter.

At the moment all internal and external competitions are on hold, again changes in government restrictions may change this situation.

The planned visit from the local Guides group will have to be moved to a safer time.

Although not being able to play is a relatively minor issue in these worrying times, it is a little ironic that the best spring we have had for several years should find us confined to home.

I hope you are all well. Stay safe .