Club Days

The club facilities are available to members every day of the week but we keep Tuesdays as the days for all members to gather and enjoy a game of Golf Croquet and play with a variety of partners and opponents.

Wednesdays are kept as Association Croquet days with both friendly matches being played and tuition available for those who want to learn the more complex version of the game.

A couple of years ago we introduced Fun Day Fridays with the intention of providing an opportunity for newer members and prospective members to learn to play croquet without feeling out of place amongst more experienced players. This has proved very successful, possibly the break for tea and cakes has helped, and as players have gathered confidence the competitive streak they never knew they had has begun to emerge.

Training and Coaching
We are able to provide training and coaching within the club both for beginners and those who wish to improve their game.

A group coaching session for a mixture of beginners and some more experienced players who wanted to brush up on the basics.
Many of these players are now members of our teams for external matches.

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